Fields of Expertise

Our Law Firm is specialized in Public Law cases, i.e. cases regarding the relations between citizens and bodies or organs of the State or Local Government Agencies. In particular, our fields of expertise include:
•    Administrative Law
•    Constitutional Law
•    European Union Law
•    European Convention on Human Rights
•    Human Rights Law
•    Environmental Law
•    Forestry Law
•    Land planning Law
•    Urban planning Law
•    Local Government Agencies Law
•    Public Projects Law
•    Public Procurement Law
•    Public Officials Law
•    Privatization Law
•    Social Security Law
•    Energy Law, with emphasis on Renewable Resources

In the aforementioned areas, our Law Firm elaborates special studies and substantiated opinions, provides legal consulting and represents clients before National and European Authorities. Furthermore, it undertakes, in our clients’ best interest, the conducting of negotiations with the Government, the competent institutional organs of the European Union and private entities. It, also, supports Departments handling selected civil and criminal cases, particularly when relating to Public Law cases.